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Dear Drudgery Series

DD page

Dear Drudgery:  A Margot Page for Brain, Mother series in which we tell parenting tedium what’s what

1.  I Am Totally Breaking Up With You

2.  Clean This! (In Which I Trick Chores Into Being Fun)

3.  Resumé Of An Anti-Drudge Zealot

4.  Carpe Diem Edition: Seize The Fun

5.  You’ve Been Outsourced

6.  Xtreme Driving Edition

7.  The Drudgey And The Profane

8.  Setting the Table For Thankfulness

9.  Stealing Time For Fun: The Magic of the Homeschool Day

10. Pajama Night Probably Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means



 Illustration by Christine Juneau


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