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Reader Q&A: Liz Wiig

Reader Q&A Liz Wiig PhotoEach week we interview one of our readers to get to know them  and find out what they think of Brain, Child. This week we feature Liz Wiig.

Tell me a little bit about your family…

Our family includes myself, my son, Rowan, who is about to turn 4, our two finches, a fish, and a whole swarm of invisible fairies who move things, put toys away, and decide if Rowan can have sprinkles in his oatmeal or not (i.e. sometimes the fairies make controversial decisions for me).

How long have you been a subscriber?

I began my subscription nearly two years ago after realizing that I had been buying every magazine of the shelf for the two years prior!

Why do you subscribe to Brain, Child? (e.g. What does the magazine mean to you; how does it compare to other magazines you read?)

I only subscribe to two magazines, and that is because of the quality of the writing and the sense of community that I feel when reading the material.  I was the first of my friends to have a child, and really had no one to ask for advice or thoughts, which is where Brain, Child stepped in and filled that void.  Now I try to put a copy in all of my friends’ and clients’ hands who have kids.

What is your favorite Brain, Child essay, story or feature?

One of my favorite features is the “Debate” section as it provokes me to actually THINK about different issues, values, perspectives, and to push me to consider what really matters to me.  It also gives me a glimpse of what other parents’ opinions are about different issues, and insight into why they might think that way. This is so useful for practicing tolerance and understanding of differences – a value that I would like to pass on to my son

What would you like to see more of in Brain, Child?

I would love to see a section that speaks to health or that explores community and connection. I relish reading about how others cultivate health in their families and what it means to them to be healthy in different locations, family situations, times of life, etc.  And for community and connection, I always want to hear other family’s stories about how they maintain their connections with themselves, their children and spouses, the world, as well as how they grow their different communities.  We are here to love and nurture ourselves and our connections, which is exactly what I get from Brain, Child.

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