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Sunday Night News June 1, 2014

BC Logo_SquareWelcome to Brain, Child’s Sunday night news update where we look at issues impacting women and children. Tonight we once again hear from Your (Wo)Man in Washington, Valerie Young of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers:

Michelle Obama, usually so careful to avoid controversy, took the very unusual step of publishing on op-ed in The New York Times about making school lunches more nutritious.  In spite of her high profile support, a Republican-controlled congressional committee has moved to roll back the standards about lower sodium, whole grain foods, and allow schools to opt out of the “more fruits and vegetables” requirements.  Lobbyists from the School Nutrition Association supported the waiver.

We live in momentous times for women’s power.  The National Women’s History Museum is taking note. “In a recent report, “Congressional Sisterhood A Powerful Voice,” (May 13, 2014) CNN summarized the tremendous impact the 99 women of this 113th Congress have had “both in terms of perception and policy on women and girls.” The list of initiatives they’ve led and are leading is long and impressive. Even more impressive is their ability to reach across the aisle and work together to get the job done.”  Hear, hear!

What happens to the full-time family caregiver in the event of divorce?  How does the law regarding alimony help or hurt?  You’ll get a clue from the title:   “Deciding To Become A Stay-At-Home Mom? Consider This Cautionary Tale.”

It’s not just what happens in the public world that will determine women’s status.  What goes on at home matters a lot too – especially the relationship between dads, daughters, and housework.  “While mothers’ gender and work equality beliefs were key factors in predicting kids’ attitudes toward gender, the strongest predictor of daughters’ own professional ambitions was their fathers’ approach to household chores.”  New research from the Association of Psychological Science.

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