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Sunday Night News: June 15, 2014

BC Logo_SquareWelcome to Brain, Child’s Sunday night news update where we look at issues impacting women and children. Tonight we hear from Your (Wo)Man in Washington, Valerie Young of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers:

The past 50 years have seen huge changes in women’s lives.  Now, men’s lives are changing too, for many of the same social and economic influences.  Having it all is an issue for dads, as they re-invent themselves, weaving through multiple children and careers.  It’s not easy for them either, as Brain, Child contributor, Vincent O’Keefe writes in Having It All; Men Struggle To Balance Work And Parenting, Too – So Why Don’t We Talk About It More? on

Not your typical Congressional hearing… economic info can tell you a lot, and that’s why I keep an eye on the Joint Economic Committee’s hearing schedule.  On June 18, they’ll be talking about “Empowerment in the Workplace“, and the current line up of 4 panelists is ALL female.  Did hell freeze over?

Tonight “may be Father’s Day but June 12 is Mothers’ Equal Pay Day, recognizing how far into 2014 moms must work to earn the same wages that fathers made in 2013 alone. On average, full-time working moms make only 69 cents to every dollar earned by full-time working dads.”  From Mom’s Equal Pay Day Highlights How Far We Still Have to Go in The Huffington Post.

We are our children’s first teachers, and we want them to get the whole story of our history, not only the school-sanctioned version where women’s contributions are largely invisible.  The fabulous Center for American Women in Politics  at Rutgers University has put together a new site, Teach a Girl to Lead, which gives parents, schools, and other communities great tools to make women’s leadership visible and achievable for the next generation.  There are all kinds of ideas, resources, and even lesson modules for various age groups.  I love it.


Happy Father’s Day to all our Brain, Child dads out there!


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