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Special Issue for Parents of Teens

BrainChildTeen2014_adGot Teens? You’re Not Alone

“…Which makes this special issue from Brain, Child all the more appealing. The magazine that brought many parents of my vintage through the toddler years has invited writers, including Ann Hood, to cast the eyes that once focused on potty training and sleepless nights onto sex, grit, college tours — and more sleepless nights.” -K.J. Dell’Antonia, New York Times Motherlode

Welcome to Brain, Child’s special issue devoted to parents of teens and tweens. Because raising a teen is different than raising a child, we dedicate this special issue of Brain, Child to parents of teenagers (or soon-to-be-teenagers).

This issue features an exclusive essay by bestselling author Ann Hood, as well as work from your favorite Brain, Child writers who examine life with their teens in thought provoking essays designed to provide readers with different perspectives on what many say are the most challenging of the parenting years. Whether you have teens now or want some insight into the years ahead, this issue is for you.


$9.99 U.S. ($11.50 Canada, $14.00 Overseas). 84 pages.

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