What Happens in Hawaii Stays in Hawaii

By Kim Cooper Findling Ever go on vacation and wish you’d be someone else for the week? Just really get away from it all, including yourself?¬†Last year, my oldest daughter spent our Hawaiian vacation being a boy. Seven-year-old Elizabeth, known to most as Libby, announced upon arrival in Honolulu she was now to be referred to as Eli. And that she was a boy, and would only do and wear “boy things” for the entire week of our stay.¬†Given that Libby/Eli has a rather theatrical, forceful personality we’ve all become accustomed to, the transition was fairly seamless. Her sister Maris, age five, gave a brief nod. I gave my immediate approval. Grandma, who we’d come to visit, took a half-second to get on board, but then she was there all the way. “Eli, would you like to play a game of Rat-a-tat Cat?” she said in a cheerful voice. “It’s gender neutral.” Libby’s spontaneous decision wasn’t totally without foreshadowing. A … Continue reading What Happens in Hawaii Stays in Hawaii