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Policy Update: February 27 2015

imrsA quick look back at events this week impacting women and families, from Valerie Young, a public policy analyst with Mom-mentum.

The Hill was buzzing with discussion about families and the mismatch between the way we live and work now versus our policies that reflect another era altogether.  Senator Patty Murray and US Representative Tulsi Gabbard took turns at the microphone during a congressional briefing on women’s health and economic security this week.  Hosted by the National Partnership for Women & Families, the legislators spoke to a packed crowd about the urgent need for paid leave, closing the pay gap between men and women, protecting pregnant workers on the job, providing a tax credit for second earners (usually mothers, working around their care obligations) and access to reproductive health care like contraception.

Brigid Schulte wrote in the Washington Post about the part-time workforce and the lack of any paid time off, in spite of an overwhelming need.  Most of the part-time workforce is female, and many resort to part-time work so that they can provide care to children or dependent adult family members.  However, paid time off for illness or emergency is not available to the vast majority of part-timers.

Make sure to take 4 minutes and watch this great video from the Make It Work campaign – parents rock, in spite of ridiculously and unnecessary obstacles.  I promise – you’ll love it!

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Photo: The Washington Post: (The Image Bank/Getty Images)

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