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Winter 2015: Our newest issue features essays ranging on topics from childbirth and the clashing of cultures, to the joy of breastfeeding – until you don’t anymore, to a daughter’s stolen bicycle and what it means. Feature article: Going Home: Why Some Mother’s Choose Home Birth. Debate: Should we make our kids say I’m sorry?

Fall 2014: Our Fall 2014 issue features essays ranging on topics from when mother friends move on, to a single mother facing a school project, to a father’s story to his baby-to-be. Feature Article: A Child’s Grief: Helping our Children Grieve. Debate: Should you co-sleep with your child?

Summer 2014: Our Summer 2014 issue features essays ranging on topics from Emily Rapp’s essay on losing a child, to confessions of a stay-at-home mom, to summer camp with your child — and your mother. Feature article: A Surrogacy Journey: Stories of Surrogate Mothers. Debate: Should we encourage our children to believe in the tooth fairy?

Spring 2014: Our Spring 2014 issue features essays ranging on topics from finding a new vocabulary for family, to a mother and her son with Asperger Syndrome, to understanding the origins of fear (by Catherine Newman). Feature: Pregnancy Brain: Ladies, We Give You Permission to Forget. Debate: Should you find out the sex of your baby before birth?

Winter 2014: Our Winter 2014 issue features essays ranging on topics from multicultural mothering, to mothering without a mother to a mother’s day in the Israeli Army. Feature: Third Culture Kids: Parenting from Between Cultures. Debate: Is competition healthy?

Fall 2013: Our Fall 2013 issue features essays ranging on topics from troubled teens, to adoption vs. in vitro, to parting with an invisible friend. Feature: Quiet Riot: Celebrating Introverted Kids in an Extroverted World. Debate: Should you let your child use electronics?

Summer 2013: Our Summer 2013 issues features essays on topics ranging from skin color and motherhood, to two pregnancies 40 years apart to a child’s intense love of nature. Feature: Blended! Stepfamilies with Young Children are on the Rise. Debate: Should you force your child to read over the summer?

Spring 2013:  Our Spring 2013 issue features essays on topics ranging from an adoptive mother’s reaction to a stranger’s angry glare, to adventures with the class turtle, to a new friendship between two new mothers. Feature: Conversation Starters: Talking About Child Sex Abuse Prevention. Debate: Should we let our kids quit?

Winter 2013: Our Winter 2013 issue features essays on topics ranging from babies and BMI, to the teenage brain, to weighing genetics in the search for an egg donor. Feature: Playing God…Or Not: Do Kids Need Religion? Do We Have to Decide Right Now?

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