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This Week: Let’s Laugh

"Sorry Mom, but I really need to take this call."Brain, Child’s Humor Series

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Ten Types of Breastfeeding Moms on Social Media

“Who needs doctors when you have a network of experienced Moms telling you what to do, right? Right?” Read More

A Quiz For My New Mom Millennial Daughter:

If your baby is accidentally placed in his crib with his swaddling blanket not fully secured by parentally-related, Saturday night unpaid babysitters, your options include: A. Promptly take an iPhone photo of the offending swaddling for evidence purposes. B. Call your mom and dad early on Sunday morning to find out which of them was guilty of the improper swaddling. C. Complain that the baby did not sleep well, even if he did, because his swaddling came loose. D. All of the above. Read More...

The Continuing Disintegration of My Mind:

“Flecks of my brain are starting to chip off like old paint. Is this just part of getting older, or what happens when one has a two year old and a one year old.” Read more…

On Suitable Punishments for Your Child Other Than Murder:

“What do you do when your kid swears all spring break long he doesn’t have homework then on the first day back to school you get a note from the teacher saying he didn’t do his homework?” Read more…

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