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Editors’ Picks—”15″ Favorite Blog Posts

In honor of our 15th year in publication, we asked our editors for some of their most favorite Brain, Mother blog posts. Here are the top 15 selections:



MAMA: Mother Against More Activities

By Francie Arenson DickmanScreen-Shot-2015-03-04-at-9.34.23-AM

I’m not sure when doing nothing after school fell out of favor. As a kid, I was a pro at nothing. We all were.




A Child-less Party With a Child-Free Friend

0-61By Lauren Apfel

Motherhood has become so consuming to me that, despite best efforts, I find it hard not to project onto other women a desire for the sense of purpose it offers.




Tell Me Something Good

BHJ-300x189By Jon Sponaas

The quiet certainty that you’re not alone and that you are loved.






This is Adolescence: 16

This-is-16-art--1024x768By Marcelle Soviero

Sixteen is full of paper thin promise, delicate due to the decisions I can’t make for her anymore, decisions that will determine what happens next.





Brave Enough

sunsetBy Jennifer Palmer

She was mine, this sweet baby girl, but she belonged to others, too.






Teen Boys, and Their Mothers

Photo-on-2010-12-18-at-17.24-5-150x150By Anne Sawan

When he was small, he would ask me to sleep with him every night.

“Please sleep with me Mom.”

And most nights I would. I would snuggle in next to him, feeling his small body pressed against mine, an arm thrown across my neck as he burrowed in so close our noses would touch, his breath minty and sweet against my cheek, his hair still damp and fresh from the bath.



Carter-2013-1024x724By Adrienne Jones

I got very tired of telling people that I do know the difference between a child with an active imagination and one who has come untethered from reality.




Just Breathe

justbreathe-1024x768By Donna Maccherone

Contractions of the womb are nothing compared with contractions of the heart, and the labor that comes post partum lasts much longer.





Through the Lens of Boyhood

75-1By Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Within families we are one another’s collateral damage. But so often, we are the most tender collateral damage that anyone could dream of…





Graceless: Sleep Deprived Thoughts on Raising a Chronically Ill Child

kintsugiBy Amy Roost

I’m the graceless one. I am graceless forever expecting. For never accepting. How graceless of me to expect perfection from either of you.




On Shame and Parenting

onshameand-parentingBy Adrienne Jones

I did for them everything I believed a good mother would do for her children and clenched my teeth and prayed it was enough, or right, or that at the very least they would be OK in spite of the depth of my brokenness.



What Is a Teenage Boy?

teenage-boy2By Rachel Pieh Jones

A teenage boy is a bundle of contradictions. He has muscles now, real ones and not the ones you pinched and praised when he flexed in front of the bathroom mirror at age five.







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