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Editors’ Picks: “15” Favorite Website Essays

In honor of our 15th year in publication, we asked our editors for some of their favorite website essays. Here are the top 15 selections:


WO-Raspberries-Art-200x300When the Raspberries Come

By Rebecca Altman

Seven years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child but didn’t know it, my husband and I planted three raspberry bushes.



Maxs-Eyes-Art-300x199Max’s Eyes

By Lynn Shattuck

“Does your husband have blue eyes?” the cashier at the grocery store asks, her brown eyes peering into my equally dark ones.



Ladybirds-300x225The Loveliness of Ladybugs

By Banks Staples Pecht

They call it a loveliness when thousands of ladybugs gather. 





WO-Anecdotes-of-a-Girl-ART-1024x682Anecdotes of a Girl

By Jacqueline Maria Pierro

It is the dead of winter yet my bedroom window is wide open to a black sky devoid of stars and compassion. Frigid. I’ve removed the screen and pulled back the curtains allowing full entry should Peter Pan find my house and fly me away, enveloped in fairy dust to the Never Land.  


9MusesMeandAlex-300x200When Your Child Can’t Compete

By Nicole Matos

Those bumper stickers that read, “My karate star can beat up your honors student”? Those sometimes make me cry. 



Adoption-Day-Art-300x225Adoption Day

By Ellyn Gelman

This is a happy day, adoption day. Kenton is dressed in a navy blue jacket and tie.  A solid, average size ten-year old boy, his light brown hair is cut short.



Teenage-Psych-Ward_Art-300x225Visiting My Teenage Daughter in the Psychiatric Ward
By Susan Dickman

The door clicks open, and I begin the familiar drill: sign in, deposit coat and bag in a room which the attendant will lock behind me.




Grieving-the-days-of-Only-Art-224x300Grieving the Days of Only

By Jennifer Berney

The Sunday after my second son was born, my first son, Harlan, asked if he could shoot his Nerf gun off the front porch. It was bright outside but cold and windy.



Langston-Art-300x200Hearing Langston’s Smile

By Kristen Witucki

I stood in front of the changing table wearing just my underpants and nursing bra. My husband James stood next to me so that he could learn how to change Langston’s diapers by touch.



451x600_voor_web_erased_face_2-226x300Mother Erased

By Dana Laquidara

I am standing inside our home with my sister and our young mother. I am four years old.



Nearly-Drowning-ART-2-1024x669Nearly Drowning

By Vera Giles

I sat next to the learner’s pool, opposite my instructor for Overcoming Your Fear of Water.




Xbox-One_2590342bRated M for Middle School

By Chris Fredrick

Sound travels from the basement up the stairs to the kitchen. I can hear our son because he yells into his headset microphone. “So, what are you using?”




By Lynn Shattuck

They move north and west. The low weight of eggs in their belly propels them. Their bodies move through the saltwater, past the glittering lures of fishermen.



iStock_000027977692Small-300x200Birch Whisperer

By Debbie Hagan

Above the black pines, above the rock crags, above the frozen streams I soar.  Eyes shut, I am armless, legless, bodiless, weightless—a spirit cut loose, suspended over treetops.


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