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29 Ways You Know You’ve Had a Good Day At Home With Toddler + Baby

By Maria Morgan


Picture this: you just spent the day at home with your toddler and baby. Your husband comes home and asks how the day was. You pause for a moment to replay it all in your head, and if any of these 29 things are true, you know you can truthfully answer, “It was a good day!”

1. You showered.

2. You ate three square meals.

3. It’s not the winter, your plumbing functions, nobody is sick, and your car works.

4. Your mom, a.k.a. The Laundry Fairy, came.

5. You managed a trip to the grocery store.

6. You managed a trip to the grocery store without having to stop to change a diaper or breastfeed.

7. You bought Frosted Brown Sugar Pop Tarts at the grocery store.

8. When you got home, you ate some.

9. Your toddler doesn’t know you have them.

10. Or that they even exist!

11. You cleaned the kitchen, the toilet, or some Goldfish crumbs from the bottom of the diaper bag. Whatever. Something is cleaner than it was earlier in the day.

12. You realize that your baby has suddenly become a tummy time champ.

13. A friend visited! Even better if she brought food or coffee. Or washed your dishes.

14. Both kids napped.

15. Both kids napped at the same time.

16. Both kids napped at the same time—and so did you!!!

17. You tried leaving your cell phone out of reach to see if you’d enjoy the time with your kids more. It helped. A lot.

18. Finger-painting wasn’t nearly as disastrous as you thought it was going to be.

19. Not even once did your toddler get all up in your space when you were breastfeeding to let you know (with or without words) that he needed a poopy diaper changed.

20. At one point your toddler asked, “Mommy, are you frus-ter-a-ted???” which made you realize that your efforts to help him manage his emotions must be working at least a little. Plus it was ridiculously cute and helped diffuse some of your frus-ter-a-tion…

21. Your toddler spent much of the day pretend-breastfeeding his stuffed giraffe.

22. Two words: Baby. Smiles.

23. The two of them spent a moment lying on the floor gazing at each other. You put your feet up and let your heart melt a little. It lasted about 4 seconds, but it was really nice.

24. The baby snoozed in the swing long enough to allow you and your toddler some much-needed cuddle and story time.

25. You prepared and served dinner. Bonus points if it was something other than hot dogs or frozen tortellini.

26. You comfortably wore non-maternity pants all day.

27. Your husband is home in time for baths—hooray!

28. Your husband brought you flowers. Or wine. Or leftover Danish from a morning meeting. Whatever little treat makes your heart skip a beat.

And you can get through any day when #29 is true:

29. Sleepover at Grandma’s tonight!

Here’s hoping that any of these 29 things are true for you today.

Maria Morgan is a wife, mother, and middle school teacher whose writing has appeared on Scary Mommy, Mamalode, and BonBon Break. She is the voice behind Sandboxes and Sticky Back Felt. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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