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thWhat Is the One Thing You Would Have Done Differently as a New Mom?

Each month we ask our readers a question… these are their answers…

Forgiven myself for making mistakes and not having all the answers. If I could go back to my daughter’s first few years, I would stop trying to do it all and just enjoy the moments more. I miss the moments.- A. Macedo

Asked for help and accepted help. Now I have three kids and people aren’t knocking on my door to help like they did with a newborn! – A. Connors

Given myself a break and allowed more time for self care. Being a mom does not mean you have to be a martyr. I think teaching realistic balance is the best thing we can model for our kids, but also the hardest. – C. Krist

Slept with my babies and not listened to anyone but my gut for parenting advice. – T. Scott

As a stay-at-home mom, I would have introduced a babysitter into the routine earlier on, so that my kid would naturally have gotten used to being looked after—not to mention being put to bed—by somebody other than me!  – Lauren Apfel, Brain, Child’s Debate Editor

Bought only one type of socks. – M. Darlene

Stay home longer, jobs can wait a year. – P. Medrano

Written a little something about myself or my baby every day. – S. Preston

I tried to do EVERYTHING myself. It was hard to ask for help. As a result, I was sleep-deprived and had shot nerves (with a bit of anxiety/short temper thrown in). I miss those first six months like crazy, and often feel as though I could have done things differently. – S. Farmer

Put my kids in the crib earlier than I did. – D. Balan

I should have napped every single time my husband told me to nap. – Hilary Levey Friedman, Brain, Child‘s Book Review Editor

I don’t know how I would do it but I would do bedtime differently (my children, currently six and nine, still do not go to bed, instead they creep into the bedroom at  night to kick me in the head.) – H. Fletcher

Chilled out a little more. – T. Driscoll

Stayed home more. – M. Hope

Not attempted to go back to work – D. Fine

Researched vaccines on my own before administration. – E. Bowdin

Relaxed. Not taken myself too seriously. – A. Strazza

I would have slept when my baby slept and been awake with the baby and hired someone to clean house for the first three weeks and told all visitors to go away and make an appointment – A. Ling

Worry less. – E. Tompkins

I would have had even more parties, to this day my now teenage children remember all their themed birthday parties — rainbow, flowers, pirates — and I loved every minute of the planning and playing. – Marcelle Soviero, Brain, Child’s Editor-in-Chief.

I would never have registered for – let alone tried to consistently use – the shopping cart insert. Too much effort, plus some germs are good! – Hilary Levey Friedman, Brain, Child‘s Book Review Editor

Spent more time reading to and singing to my babies. Held them longer, played with them more. Not worried about messes and dirty clothes. Let their friends come over more (I’m an introvert and only child, and didn’t feel comfortable with people in the house). – D. Page

Insisted people take lots of photos of me and my child. – T. Guerra

Skip the parenting books for the first two years. – S. Pilman

If I could do it all over, I wouldn’t have fussed so much about our kids wanting to sleep in our bed. – R. Johnson

Gave up on breastfeeding. It was never going to happen and I wasted so much time and emotional energy stressing about it. – K. Morgan

Learned to let others (spouse/mom) hold my babies more. – L. Jury

Trusted my instincts and ignored a lot of “advice.” – C. Vechio

Hold, hold, hold, and talk and sing and dance. — M. Holden

Nothing. I did the best I could with what I knew and what I had. – L. McBride

Take better care of myself. – A. Miley

Said “no visitors” in the hospital – B. Ardel

Delivered anywhere but where I did.- L. Mercantile

Napped when they napped. – K. Oates

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