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Our Cultural Diversity Blog Series

meangirlWhy I’m Proud to Be The Mom of The Mean Girl: A Cultural Essay

By Chantal Panozzo

As an American woman who has always struggled with passivity and has also observed other American women with similar issues, especially in the workplace, I like the way my daughter confidently stands up for herself and I don’t want her to be sorry for it.



Screen-Shot-2015-10-13-at-3.21.29-PM-1024x898Just Supporting a Detail That My Son is of Mixed-Race

By Wendy Kennar

The fact that my son is of mixed-race, that my husband and I have had an inter-racial marriage now for sixteen years isn’t worth noting. Our skin colors are mere details not defining characteristics of who we are as individuals and as a family.



Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 5.01.56 PMJust One Box to Define My Child

By Michelle Robin La

My kids have told me they feel lucky to be unique, belonging to two cultures. At other times, they’ve said, “I don’t want to be half. I want to be one or the other.”



kites-flying-pics-1024X768Pure Nepali

By Elizabeth Enslin

Speaking in our private, mixed language had been hard but precious–perhaps the most intimate time we would ever have aside from pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Ba & Nana 2The WASP vs. The Guju

By Malena Hougen Patel

As I worked up some crocodile tears, we peeked out of the kitchen to scope the scene. What we saw made us pause.  

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