20 Favorite Quotes From Brain, Child Writers

  Never Wish Happiness for Your Children By Adrienne Jones “The trouble with that kind of thinking is, a child is a person, not a soufflé, and ultimately we come to the place where we can’t control everything. Or anything. Our children are themselves.”     Brave Eno -

Editors’ Picks—”15″ Favorite Blog Posts

In honor of our 15th year in publication, we asked our editors for some of their most favorite Brain, Mother blog posts. Here are the top 15 selections:     MAMA: Mother Against More Activities By Francie Arenson Dickman I’m not sure when doing nothing after school fell out of favo -

Editors’ Picks – “15” Favorite B,C Archives

In honor of our 15th year in publication, we asked our editors about their most favorite Brain, Child archives. Here are the top 15 selections:   Moment of Recognition (SU 08) By Suzi Schweikert The truth is, while I’ve coaxed, pulled, and manhandled hundreds of babies from the womb, I -

Should You Tell a Close Friend When You Know Her Child Smokes/Drinks?

By Candy Schulman YES! “Make me a promise,” Lisa said the night before our daughters started high school. “If you ever see Hannah smoking or drinking, you must tell me. We have to tell each other.” Hannah was Lisa’s younger daughter. Lisa had already survived raising on -

What is Family?

What is Family? A holiday season blog series about what family means to you.   1.  Family Motto: More Love is More Love by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser   2.  Raising Children in an Interracial Family by Bethany Pinto   3.  After Birth by Eve Rosenbaum   4.  Our Eyes DonR -

Writer Interview: Nina Badzin

First, tell us a little about your family. I’ve been married to Bryan for close to thirteen years. I was only 23 when we got married, which is hard to believe. We’ve grown together year by year, and we’re blessed to have four kids ages nine, almost seven, four, and almost two. Tell -

Writer/Reader Profile

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser By Kris Woll Once a month we talk with one of our writers. Here, some thoughts from Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser. First, tell us a little about your family. I have a very lovely husband I’ve been married to for nearly twenty years (how did that happen?) and four kids & -

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Five back issues for $20, shipped priority mail.  More than 25 essays, plus feature stories, award-winning fiction and more. Enjoy New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Strayed’s essay on being a novelist and a “baby person,” as well as essays offering two perspectives on mothe -

Table of Contents: Winter 2011

Backtalk Professor Mama Accidental expertise Nutshell The News:  Writing-parents org, more Essay In the Bones  Can our bodies tell us who we are? by CAROL PAIK Debate Do absolute no-hitting policies serve our children well?  EMILY ROSENBAUM says no–sometimes you have to get rough SARAH WE -