Editors’ Picks: Some of Our Favorite Blog Posts from 2015

Part-Time Mother By Lauren Apfel It’s not enough anymore to fill my days only with theirs. I am half of one thing and half of another.       What is a Teenage Boy By Rachel Pieh Jones A teenage boy is an almost-man’s body with an almost-but-not-quite man’s voice. &nb -


What Is the One Thing You Would Have Done Differently as a New Mom? Each month we ask our readers a question… these are their answers… Forgiven myself for making mistakes and not having all the answers. If I could go back to my daughter’s first few years, I would stop trying to do -

20 Favorite Quotes From Brain, Child Writers

  Never Wish Happiness for Your Children By Adrienne Jones “The trouble with that kind of thinking is, a child is a person, not a soufflé, and ultimately we come to the place where we can’t control everything. Or anything. Our children are themselves.”     Brave Eno -

Editors’ Picks—”15″ Favorite Blog Posts

In honor of our 15th year in publication, we asked our editors for some of their most favorite Brain, Mother blog posts. Here are the top 15 selections:     MAMA: Mother Against More Activities By Francie Arenson Dickman I’m not sure when doing nothing after school fell out of favo -

Brain, Child Awards

Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers has been receiving awards for literary excellence since 2000. We thank our writers and readers for supporting us in what is now our 15th year of publishing.   2016 This is 15, by Catherine Newman, notable essay (Best American Essays 2016) 2015 Bra -

Editors’ Picks: Some of Our Favorites from 2013

This Mother’s Day Celebrate Someone Else By Janelle Hanchett “I am the mother who missed your kindergarten graduation. I am the mother who was drunk the morning of the first birthday party you were invited to…” The Biggest Baby By Natalia Cortes-Chaffin “Admittedly, Le -

A Mother-Son Sleepover

By Lauren Apfel I never co-slept with my kids when they were little. I was against the idea on principle. Not for safety reasons, mind you, but because I love my sleep and I love my space. One of the guiding lights of early motherhood for me was to encourage in my babies a similar reverence for the -

Writer Interview: Nina Badzin

First, tell us a little about your family. I’ve been married to Bryan for close to thirteen years. I was only 23 when we got married, which is hard to believe. We’ve grown together year by year, and we’re blessed to have four kids ages nine, almost seven, four, and almost two. Tell -

Our Team

We have a lot of fun at Brain, Child. We love making a magazine that is so well-regarded and well-read.  It takes a village. Meet our team. Marcelle Soviero Editor-in-Chief Marcelle Soviero purchased Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers in 2012 and continues to build on its original miss -