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Welcome to Brain, Mother: The Blog for Thinking Mothers

Here at Brain, Child we strive to bring the voices of women of different backgrounds and circumstances together on the printed page, on our website – and now on our blog.

Why add a blog into the mix? We, like you, want to keep the conversation going with thinking women from all over the world. Women who shed new light and perspective on all aspects of motherhood. And we, like you, want to read more thought-provoking pieces not found anywhere else on the web.

At Brain, Mother you can expect more pieces like the ones in Brain, Child but in a blog format. Whether it’s an “aha!” moment about a mother’s adopted teenage son or a chance to weigh in on a statement like, “my kid’s nothing special and neither is yours,” we want you to communicate with us about the universal topic of motherhood. We can laugh together about the first time the Spanx catalog arrived and we can talk about whether our last name defines us as women. What did one father learn from watching his daughter compete in a spelling bee? And how do we know when to say good-bye to the untouched swing set in the backyard?

Brain, Mother doesn’t claim to have all the answers. And we won’t offer just one view on how to parent. We might pose questions. Or talk about a topic that identifies with some but not others. But our hope is for ongoing dialogue; and to learn together.

There will be guest posts, regular contributors and certain days with particular themes.  And we will be here too, right alongside you – writing about motherhood, reading and responding to comments, accessible to feedback and suggestions. So grab a cup of coffee (or whatever it is you’re drinking) and join us. We’re excited you’re here.

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