Mission Statement

Here at Brain, Child we strive to bring the voices of women of different backgrounds and circumstances together on the page, on our website and in our online community. Through essays, fiction and feature stories our writers provide their unique perspectives on being mothers and women while addressing readers as thinking individuals, not just medicine-dispensing, food-fixing, boo-boo-kissing mommies.

We aim to be down-to-earth, literary, commonsensical, funny, poignant, honest, respectful, irreverent, relevant and intelligent. We don’t have any particular agenda, except to support thought and debate on topics of interest to mothers.

Brain, Child treats motherhood as a subject worthy of literature. And in the best tradition of literature, it celebrates the diversity of mothers and their styles. Brain, Child cuts past a lot of the bull to get to the voices that are truest — not experts, but women who are or have been there. Though Brain, Child carries the subtitle “The Magazine for Thinking Mothers,” it could just as easily be “Motherhood The Way It Really Is.” Our writers bring a down-to-earth perspective to traditional and not-so-traditional parenting subjects. And they’re willing to address the big questions — our evolving identities as mothers, for instance, or what we’re teaching the next generation.

Each issue of Brain, Child is packed with personal essays, in-depth features, a debate, a parody, fiction, and words from you: our community, our readers.

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