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Thanks for checking on my pre-coffee morning attempts to keep this great magazine coming to my mailbox and then recycled off into my community of wonderful mama-friends when I’m done inhaling each issue!!

A. Doughty

I received the issue of Brain Child today.  I’ve read it from front to back and enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would!

J. Royer

I LOVE Brain, Child and continue to give it as gifts, share my copies, and tell as many friends about it as I can…I appreciate the beautiful, honest writing so much.

J. Bishop

A mailing snafu will NEVER EVER end my love affair with Brain, Child. When the letter came out last year that the magazine was closing, I sat in my car and sobbed. Like big ol’ gulps of despair sobbing. You will remain, my first and most important “baby gift.”

W. McGuire

I have been reading and loving the magazine since my first child was born, almost twelve years ago. While they’ve grown and my experiences have changed, I don’t anticipate ever wanting to give up Brain, Child. The writing is so good, and each issue gets passed around to friends and neighbors again and again. I’m delighted it’s still in my life.

D. Levy

What a great magazine.  The articles are insightful and well written.

Susan Baron
LCSW, Co-Creator of Touched By Adoption

I LOVE this magazine!

A. Hufford

Something miraculous happened this morning: my two children played happily long enough for me to read my entire Brain, Child fall edition cover to cover and savor my coffee! Best part of my weekend for sure- thanks for a great issue.

J. Rudden

You are so much better than the average magazine… I enjoy all the essays and perspectives from around the globe!… I also appreciate a magazine that does not make me feel I need to own trendy new family gear to be part of the mix…I was so eager to receive a new issue that when reading an article posted online and seeing the new Summer cover I had to call to ensure I had not missed my delivery! Thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing quality to my doorstep.

K. Roselli

Finally … a magazine for moms who have more on their minds than what kind of sippy cup to buy.

W. Fontaine

Living in a foreign country is wonderful, but can be isolating. Brain, Child has made me feel connected, supported and understood.

J. Berner

By replenishing my bedside table with a fresh issue of Brain, Child every three months I can maintain my sanity… I continue to make Brain, Child a priority over all other parenting magazines because after a day of changing stinky diapers, cleaning spit up food and dealing with picky-eaters I deserve some time to myself spent on topics other than poop.

C. Jones-Wollerton

I’ve so enjoyed the Fall issue of Brain, Child. I’ve been reading a little each night. There are piles of other books and magazines there that I think I SHOULD be reading and yet Brain, Child is the one I WANT to read, the one that consistently nourishes me. When it arrived, I read one essay and, blown away, thought to myself, “That’s got to be the best thing in there.” And yet each piece I read is equally rich, equally compelling, full of passages worthy of pausing, re-reading, savoring.

Rebecca Lanning

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