Aline Weiller

Marketing Director

Aline HeadshotAline Weiller is the Marketing Director for Brain, Child.  With more than two decades of marketing know-how and brand management experience, Aline has increased the overall awareness and reach of Brain, Child in the span of one year. Aline is “always on” and loves working with the media, Brain, Child partners and on regional Brain, Child events.

“I love the essays and stories in Brain, Child and am passionate about bringing such high-quality literary writing to mothers worldwide. Every day I get to spread the word about a magazine and brand that cherishes quality – not commercialism.”

Prior to Brain, Child, Aline worked in the marketing arena for The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Time Warner, Inc., among others.  Through the years, Aline’s personal motto, “Think Solution,” has stayed the same as she strives to concentrate on the positive in both her business and personal endeavors.

A mother of two sons, Aline finds humor in all things. She recalls (and relishes) the embarrassing moment when her son’s then 5th-grade teacher thanked her for the “material” her family provided that he reenacted, stand-up style, at morning meeting each week.  Grinning, the teacher did not share details. Voted “Coolest” and “Funniest” in high school, Aline attempts to live up to her legacy by being a humor essayist.

Aline’s favorite quote is, “Joy is the best makeup,” by Anne Lamott because it fits the way she sees life – as a series of small joys spent with family and friends.

Aline holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The College of the Holy Cross and is an established journalist and guest blogger, having published both online and in print. When not promoting Brain, Child, Aline enjoys writing personal essays, volunteering and walking on the beach. She resides in Connecticut with her husband and two sons.


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