New Mama Bundle

Mother's Day GiftsThe Perfect Gift for New Mothers

A collection of more than 25 essays by your favorite Brain, Child writers that in some way address the questions, difficulties, and joys of becoming a mother, and more. Four back issues (see below) packaged with a gift bow and gift card – shipping included.

$20 U.S. ($27, Canada. $34, overseas) –  Includes shipping.

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This Is Childhood coverNew Mama Bundle with This is Childhood: Book & Journal

“The baby book for thinking moms”

$27 US ($34 Canada, $41, overseas (includes shipping)
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sidebar-spring2013Kate Haas on women’s friendships after the babies are born; attending an ex-husband’s Seder; a lesbian couple feels invisible to the outside world and not properly acknowledged as parents, when kids want to change their skin color;  a debate on whether or not we should let our kids quit activities. Plus an in-depth feature article that looks at how schools and parents can discuss sexual abuse with their children.


archivesFA08Enjoy New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Strayed’s essay on being a novelist and a “baby person,” as well as essays offering two perspectives on mothering in mixed-race families, plus a piece on how destiny is set in motion when naming a baby, and Karen Dempsey’s essay on the difference between bad medicine and good. Our feature looks at radical homemaking–does eco-parenting yield enlightened caregivers or are we just making mothering harder?


archivesWI10A wonderful collection of essays including the significance of afterbirth, difficult babies, Katy Read’s feature article that looks at how mothers are impacted by  a recession, and essay about when Mom was married before, and a short story by Jennifer Haigh. One of our best selling issues.



archivesWI09Nipping and tucking the maternal body, Prozac and pregnancy, a new baby is born and an old friend is lost, when breast milk doesn’t mean breast fed, Kathy Ozment’s learning to love the half nelson, and a debate discussing if a family needs to share a surname.







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