Special Issue for Parents of Teens

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“I love having Brain, Child’s support in navigating these even murkier waters” – A. Coulter

Welcome to Brain, Child’s special issue devoted to parents of teens and tweens. Because raising a teen is different than raising a child, we dedicate this special issue of Brain, Child to parents of teenagers (or soon-to-be-teenagers).

This issue features an exclusive essay by bestselling author Ann Hood, as well as work from your favorite Brain, Child writers who once again examine life with their teens in thought provoking essays designed to provide readers with different perspectives on what many say are the most challenging of the parenting years. Whether you have teens now or want some insight into the years ahead, this issue is for you.


$9.99 U.S. ($11.50 Canada, $14.00 Overseas). Includes Shipping. 84 pages. Limited Print Run.

Some of What’s In This  Issue

ESSAY: Smoked Salmon, by Ann Hood

A mother savors her son’s teenage years

ESSAY: Diamonds are Forever, by Margot Page

A mother prepares for her daughter’s return from a year abroad

ESSAY: Go Blue! by Randi Olin

Touring your alma mater with your daughter

FICTION: Mrs. Zavatsky’s Secret, by Patricia Springstubb

There’s no such thing as a perfect child

Essay: The Catcher, by Marsha McGregor

The last game of the final season

FEATURE: True Grit, by Marcelle Soviero & Randi Olin

What really contributes to our teens’ success?

FICTION: Tenly’s Mouse, by Marie Anderson

A typical morning with a teenager

ESSAY: My Daughter at the Blue Venus, by Peggy Lowe

A mother discovers her teenage daughter is a stripper by night

ESSAY: Doing the Math, by Jon Sponaas

It’s not always about the numbers

ESSAY: Smashed, by Rebecca Lanning

Lessons learned at a son’s tennis tournament

ESSAY: Inshallah, by Jennifer Magnuson

A teenager comes of age in Abu Dhabi

ESSAY: Forever Fourteen, by Marcelle Soviero

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