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02Marcelle Soviero purchased Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers in 2012 and continues to build on its original mission to present voices of mothers of different backgrounds and circumstances in print and online.

A longtime Brain, Child reader, Marcelle purchased the magazine when she saw it was ceasing print. “I’ve always loved Brain, Child – it’s been my ‘go to’ mothering magazine since my first child was born.”  A mother of five — Luke, Sophia, Olivia, Jamie and Johnny — Marcelle also enjoys exercise, reading, scrapbooking and sneaking off with black coffee and peanut M&Ms whenever the mood arises. A lover of whimsy, Marcelle works from her home office in Wilton, Connecticut, where she is surrounded by sparkly objects, stringed lights, patterned paper, ribbon, and more books than can fit naturally on the shelves. “I like quirky.”

As Editor-in-Chief, Marcelle oversees Brain, Child’s editorial direction, design, production, marketing and distribution. She is determined to have the magazine live up to its hard-earned reputation, publishing the best essays from seasoned and new writers alike. “Our writers are the ones who make us great.” She considers herself a writer advocate having started her career as a freelance writer. “Our writers deserve to be paid and promoted. All writers do.”

Since becoming Editor-in-Chief, Marcelle has relaunched Brain, Child’s flagship print product, website and digital editions (Brain, Child is now available on the iPad,). Under her leadership, she launched Brain, Teen, Brain Child’s first special issue for parents of teenagers, and Brain, MotherBrain, Child’s new blog. In addition, she has enhanced Brain, Child’s Facebook page, expanded newsstand distribution and forged partnerships with media outlets, associations, non-profits and niche content sites such as Huffington Post, Holistic Mom’s Network and Mothers & More. What she enjoys most about working at Brain, Child, is “reading all the submissions, there is such a wealth of talent out there, I love bringing those voices to the page.”

An award-winning essayist, Marcelle is the author of An Iridescent Life: Essays on Motherhood and Stepmotherhood. Her work has been published in numerous publications and radio programs including The New York Times,, Huffington Post, Brain, Child, Eating Well, New York Metro,, Literary Mama, Upper East Side, Wilton magazine, StepMom, Anderbo, Tiny Lights: A Journal of Narrative Nonfiction, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parents, as well as on The Story on National Public Radio.

Before Brain, Child, Marcelle spent twenty years in the magazine and publishing industry developing, writing, editing, promoting and syndicating content online and in print. Marcelle has been a business development executive for such early Internet startups as, eLibrary and HighBeam Research. She began her career as an editor at Popular Science magazine, where she was part of the earliest plans for the magazine’s online strategy.

Marcelle has an MFA in English from New York University and a BA in Creative Studies from Hofstra University. She is a writing teacher at the Westport Writers Workshop in Connecticut, and has lectured at The New School, New York University, Grub Street, Emerson College, and in various libraries, bookstores and school districts nationwide.


Read Marcelle’s recent work on Brain, Child: The Seder. Hall of Famers, The Teenage Brain. Mommy Avoidance.

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