Same Sex Parenting Bundle

A collection of four back issues that explore the questions, difficulties, and joys of same sex parenting. All packaged with a bow and gift card. Free shipping.

Mother's Day GiftsSPRING 2013

In “Invisible Family” Ashley Davis discusses the definitive difference between “mommy” and “mama” in her two mom household. Other pieces include Kate Haas on new mommy friends, an interfaith Seder, and a divorced mother on vacation with her daughter in Paris. “Conversation Starters” by Catherine Buni investigates school programs that are being tested to try to preventing sexual abuse. Plus our debate: Should We Let our Kids Quit? Table of Contents


“Patched” by Anndee Hochman explores the subconscious inadequacies sometimes felt by loving same sex parents. This issue also includes pieces about mothering without a mother, Dawn Friedman’s investigative feature on raising third culture kids, and Natalia Cortes-Chaffin’s essay about shielding our children from the darker sides of an expanding sexual media presence. Plus: our debate: “Is Competition Healthy for Our Kids?” Table of Contents

FALL 2007

“Two Lesbians and a Eunuch” by Adrienne DeAngelo discusses the complexities and psychological difficulties of two same sex parents and their newborn son. This issue also includes pieces about remaining confident as a parent despite societal backlash, how one sweaty night out soothes a mother’s back-to-school anxiety, one mom’s struggle to cope with the death of a little girl next door,and Dawn Friedman’s essay on styling her adopted African American daughters hair, and Kate Haas ruminates on loving her son, ‘the jock.’ Table of Contents

FALL 2010

“Our Social Experiment” by Paige Schilt examines the dimensions of gender and sexuality when raising a child posing questions a gender fluid parenting style, and how to free our children from the constraints of modern day notions of sexuality. This issue also features an investigative article about helping kids cope with a radically revised future, plus essays on one family’s mainstream existence, throwing the baby books away and our debate: “Should a parent who shares child custody be allowed to move out of the area?” Table of Contents

$20 U.S. ($25, Canada. $30, overseas) – Includes shipping.

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