Table of Contents: Summer 2004

FEATURE Buy Buy, Baby, By Juliet B. Schor

In this excerpt from her forthcoming book, Born To Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture, Juliet B. Schor investigates the myriad ways- some of them disturbingly intimate- American children are being marketed to

ESSAY Largesse, By Jennifer Mattern

Building a baby, here.

ESSAY Yogurt Couvade, By  Rob Hardy

Mr. Thirty-Eight Weeks

DEBATE Are Today’s Kids Overpraised? By Kris Bordessa and Mark Walters

ESSAY The Age of Sudden Awareness, By Marla Kiley

can you see the difference?

ESSAY The Sound and the Worry, By Suzanne Kamata

Which was to happiness?

ESSAY Diane, By Alison Krupnick

Lessons for another milestone.

ESSAY Other, By Spoon Bennett

Driving the land in between

FICTION The Trouble With Sophie, By Perri Klass

As Hannah and Howard are leaving, Mrs. Peterson stops them at the door and asks if they would please schedule a meeting with her; she would like to talk to them about how Sophie is doing, When they have agreed and thanked her and escaped, and are standing out in the school parking lot, Hannah and Howard look at each other, and though he ties for a wry shrug and she for a mock-helpless grimace, both of them know that this is no joke, and this is no good news.

Review Connection, By Jennifer Niesslein

Is motherhood a universal a bond?

MOTHERWIT Mother’s Little Anagrams, By  Kelly Cunningham Cousineau

Cups of Cheerios, Oof! Crush Pieces!

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