Table of Contents: Summer 2013

ESSAY  Water Bending, By Chris Fredrick

Caring for a daughter with a severe skin condition

ESSAY  Is She Yours?, By, Anitia Felicelli

Skin color, culture, and strangers’ comments collide for one new mother

ESSAY Our Two Babies, By Dana Huebler

Two pregnancies, forty years apart

DEBATE Should You Force Your Child To Read Over the Summer?, By Camille Di Maio and Melissa T. Romo

ESSAY Inner Husband, By Patricia Stacey

A mother, her autistic son, and thoughts about her marriage

FEATURE Blended!,  By Cathryn J. Prince

Stepfamilies with young children are on the rise

ESSAY The Elegant Undoing, By Amber Scott

A mother learns to delight in her daughter’s intense love of nature

ESSAY No One Tells You, By Karen Skalitzky

During the adoption process, hearing “no” is never easy. Saying it is even harder

FICTION Mirage, By Lisa Piazza

ESSAY The Elephant Maker, By Amber Kelly-Anderson

A mother ruminates over a random act of kindness toward her son

REVIEW One Child Can Make a Difference, By Susan Weintraub

REVIEW A Place at the Table, By Katy Read

MOTHERWIT Home Health Hazards, By Heather Holt Totty

You have the right to a safe workplace

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