Brain, Child by Theme: Adoption

Brain, Child by Theme: Adoption

A collection of four back issues packaged with a gift bow and gift card, that explore the questions, difficulties, and joys of adoption, and other topics. Save $5 [US Only]

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An12-11-cover essay on fighting to adopt a foster child; finding a resolution with infertility; babies and body mass; researching an egg donor on Facebook. Plus Catherine Newman’s essay on children bonding with their stuffed animals, and Tracy Mayor’s investigative feature on whether or not kids need religion.



archivesFA11Sarah Werthan Buttenweiser’s feature essay on open adoption; what we talk about when we talk about motherhood (do we complain too much?); thoughts on the family tree; nine months pregnant – with chicken pox. Plus are toy guns okay? And book reviews about family traveling – and coming home.



archivesWI06International adoption stories; what happens when a stepparent leaves; how to answer the question “how many kids do you have?” after losing a child; what happens to family ties when a stepparent leaves? a lesbian mom on her role as a mother. Plus Kate Haas on the vasectomy question.



archivesFA07Dawn Friedman’s essay on styling her adopted African American daughter’s hair; finding serenity in parenting; a lesbian couple decides whether to circumcise their son; a mom tries to cope with the death of the little girl next door; and Kate Haas ruminates on loving her son, the jock. Plus book reviews on assisted reproductive technologies.