For Parents of Teenagers

Special Issue for Parents of T(w)eens

BT-Cover-v2Raising a teen is different than raising a child so we dedicate this special issue of Brain, Child to parents of teenagers (or soon-to-be-teenagers). Here some of your favorite writers examine life with their teens in thought provoking essays designed to provide readers with different perspectives on what many say are the most challenging of the parenting years. Whether you have teens now or want some insight into the years ahead, this issue is for you.



$9.99 U.S. ($11.50 Canada, $14.00 Overseas). 84 pages.



BT_Covers-1Telling Addy A father tells his teenage daughter he’s getting divorced. By Joseph Feitas

In Defense of the Nap Year A mother supports her son’s choice to take a year off before college. By Rebecca Lanning

In a Relationship Coming-of-age, digitally. By Christine Juneau

The Difference a Mother Makes A mother’s influence, boiled down to 2.5 percent. By Anne-Christine Strugnell

Indecent Exposure A mother’s foray into heavy metal music. By Marcelle Soviero

Introduction to Men A daughter tells dad how to dress. By Candy Schulman

A Ride of our Own A father-son roller coaster ride provides one father with a new perspective. By Aaron Black

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Waffle A mother tries to reconcile her emotional blow-ups with her teen daughter. By Christine Ritenis

Disappearing Act Saying goodbye to a teenage daughter. By Margot Page

To Greet Goodbye A mother counts her losses and remembers what has been gained. By Susan Kushner Resnick


Glitter City By Constance Ford

Aliens By Lisa Lenzo

Feature Story

Brain Doping Teens and prescription drug abuse. By Valerie Seiling Jacobs

Book Review

Coming-of-Age Novels For mothers and their teens. By Susan Weintraub

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